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Tom Mangold is one of Britain's top television reporters, an international best selling author and an award-winning travel writer. He has worked with BBC Television News and Current Affairs since 1964 and is now a freelance reporter and writer.

Tom began his career as a reporter with the Sunday Mirror then with the Daily Express. In 1964 he joined BBC News where he became a war correspondent covering conflicts in Aden, Vietnam, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, the Middle East and Afghanistan. In 1971 he moved to BBC TV Current Affairs working first for `24 Hours', then `Midweek'. It was here that he helped pioneer the BBC's first news background investigative documentaries including the first-ever film about the now legendary and infamous Kray twins.

In 1976 he moved to Panorama, then the BBC's top prime-time current affairs programme where he remained for 26 years making over 100 documentaries specialising in investigative stories. In 1993 his investigation into problems with the sleeping pill `Halcion' won the Business or Consumer Investigative Reports category in the prestigious 14th Annual Cableace Awards in Hollywood. One month later he won Britain's most coveted current affairs prize in the Royal Television Society's Journalism Awards with his investigation into the false arrest and imprisonment for the murder of three men in Cardiff, Wales. The men were subsequently freed. Mangold's investigation into a dental AIDS mystery in the United States won the bronze award in the Best Investigative Report Category at the New York Television Festival in 1996 and in 1999 he was further honoured at the Chicago International Television Competition with a Gold Plaque (the top award) in the Investigative Reporting/News Documentary Category for one of a series of two networked films on biological warfare.

Mangold's films have been syndicated around the globe. In the United States much of his work has been carried by WGBH Boston the PBS channel and more recently his material has appeared on the Learning Channel and other cable networks.

In 1996, following his own copious research into the subject, he proposed a drama-documentary series to HBO and the BBC called "Hostile Waters" about a real-life Soviet/American submarine drama in the Atlantic during the dying days of the Cold War. The subsequent multi-million dollar production starring Rutger Hauer was an international success.

Mangold is currently working as a freelance reporter specialising in intelligence reports, media comment diaries and travel features.

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November 9, 2018


Tom Mangold