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Leonardo was born in the Tuscan region of Italy. His passion for both music and writing made him strive forward in producing music and writing songs, poems, short stories and newspaper articles (LA NAZIONE).

After moving to the U.S., Leonardo began his career as a music producer and songwriter. His big break came just a few years after he joined the group Fueled by Sound. Their hit single, “Don’t Disappoint Me”,  climbed the Canadian Dance (No. 14) and Club (No. 23) charts.

After this successful experience in the music industry, Leonardo began writing screenplays. His writing extends through various genres: crime/thriller, action/drama and comedy. Leonardo is the co-creator and writer of “IKTOMI”, a western-fantasy graphic novel published in the U.S. by Source Point Press as well as the co-creator and writer of “CHARLES HENRI", an historical drama TV series.


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