Jane Gill
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Jane Gill was born in Cheltenham. Her mother is Anglo-Indian and her father was a linguist specialising in Russian. Jane worked in advertising as a graphic designer for 20 years and became freelance after the birth of her son.

Her grandmother spoke frequently of their lives in India during the Raj and left a trunk full of ephemera: photographs, letters, diaries, chits and notebooks. This rich source of material was used in the writing of Jane’s authentic first novel.

Jane has travelled extensively, but India is still the country that intrigues and excites her. She kept journals throughout her travels and found them invaluable for her novel writing.  Jane started writing her first book six years ago, having been inspired by her family’s stories.

When Jane isn’t in the writing room that overlooks her Cotswold garden, she is busy dreaming up new twists and turns for her next novel whilst walking in the surrounding hills with Wilfie the dog.

Jane has just finished Under The Monkey Bread Tree. Based in India at the time of partition it promises to be a story of upheaval, conflict and compassion. She is currently working on her third novel.