Andy Burke
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Andy graduated from the Metropolitan University of Manchester, with a degree in European Politics and Technology. He also went on to study a postgraduate drama course at the Welsh College of Music and Drama.

Andy's work has been showcased in many theatres across Manchester. In 1993 Andy, set up BADP, a production company to develop performance artwork and opened with Lorraine Hansberry’s “A Raisin in the Sun” as part of the City of Drama festival. Since BADP's launch, they have presented several high profile productions and commissioned new scripts for theatre, including,  A Caribbean Abroad and Black Love.  BADP also collaborated with Jamaican based JAMBIZ THEATRE to premiere Cindy Relisha and the DJ prince at the Library Theatre in Manchester.


Andy is currently working on a feature adaptation of a 1960’s classic Sci-Fi and a four-part drama set in Manchester.


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