Please send submissions by email only to:

Fiction for adults and children

Please send one email with one attachment only:

A brief personal background should be included in the introductory body of the email. The attachment should consist of a brief synopsis of the plot (maximum 350 words) and the three opening chapters together in one WORD DOCUMENT. The pages should be double spaced, headed and numbered. Please do a title page.

Non-fiction for adults

Please send a proposal, CV and synopsis - with a brief summary of the book in your opening email.

If you have a general query regarding submissions please email the above address. However, it is much better to just send a sample.


We will endeavour to reply as soon as possible. However, due to the volume of submissions we cannot give individual time frames.

Phone calls:

Like most literary agents, we prefer


to receive enquiries by telephone. This enables us to focus on reading all submissions that are sent to us.


We are an environmentally conscious agency and, therefore, request email submissions only. This helps our planet and saves authors’ money. The above section outlines our process.

Please note that all samples of writing should be sent as attachments and as Word documents